September 2016 Team Member of the Month

Congratulations to Dan Rodriguez for winning Team Member of the Month! Dan was recognized for always going above and beyond at his job at Eastland Suites Bloomington. Dan is always volunteering to help the front desk at peak hours and will respond to on call inquiries even if they are not an emergency. Dan is also known for bring fresh desserts to work to show the staff that he cares! Way to go, Dan! Dan has been with Eastland Suites for about 7 1/2 years and continues to enjoy meeting new people and finding out where they are from. His favorite thing to do outside of work is help out at his parent's house. Dan has two little dogs that he spends most of his time with, one is a Yorkie and the other is a Shih tzu/Poodle mix. Dan is also truly from the mid west, his favorite food is steak and potatoes.  Thank you again for your hard work!